Monday, 7 April 2014

Northampton Tramp Women Pissing in Abington Street!

A tramp in Abington street has been caught on camera pissing in the street. She obviously doesn't know Northampton very well because she could have used either the public toilets in the Grosvenor centre or used the toilets which are in the KFC which is just behind her.

The tramp has apparently offended a member of the public, maybe she said something she shouldn't have or maybe she was showing her fat ass, which definitely offended me!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Northampton Clown copycats P*** Off!

All of us now know that the Northampton Clown is Alex Powell, and what a brilliant original idea it was! His Facebook page has got more than 200k of likes, his got a new book out, and all of the money made is going to charity.

Then you have these idiot Clown copycats that have spotted around the UK, and trust me they are idiots. For one they can't even think up an original idea and two they are going around scaring people!

At least Alex would just pop in areas and have his photo snapped, but these idiots have reportedly being knocking on doors, chasing people with knives! So to these idiots i say P*** Off!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Page 3 girls to host strip Poker Night @ Aspers Casino

A bunch of page 3 girls are hosting a strip poker night at Aspers casino on Friday Feburary 14th!

It's free to enter and the winner wins £100.

All entrants must be over 18. Beware spaces are very limited if you want to play or just spectate email Aspers and let them no.

I've already made my reservation, boys!

The Silver Surfers in Northampton!

I know its not a new statue anymore, but for ages i've been wondering WTF is it?! I'ts such a random statue to put down the middle of Abington street!

It reminds of the silver surfer out of the Fantastic Four movie!

Next they will be putting up statues of Spiderman, lol

Does anyone remember the Swinging Monkey?

Many years ago down Abington Street there was a Gordon Scott shoe shop. In the shoe shop window was a toy monkey that would swing around and round all day and night.

I can't remember how old i was but it must have been a good fifteen years since i last seen the monkey.

Does anyone remember him? Does anyone know where he is now?